Not Soon Enough…

Not Soon Enough…

Have you ever heard about a major movie months prior to it’s release and get upset that you have to wait so long to see it? Yes I’m sure you have. Especially if the movie promises to be amazing due to the cast. People like Sarah Jessica Parker, Robert Downey Jr., and Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin) tend to draw a pretty big crowd to their films and they all have movies coming out soon.

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Due To The Weather…

Due To The Weather…

If you’re looking for me, I can be located in the nearest movie theater. Movie hopping is my number one cold weather activity.

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Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” Trailer

Midnight. Tonight. Get Your Tickets. Or Miss History

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Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland

We all know the story of Alice and Wonderland and the countless remakes, renditions and movie translations that have occurred over the years. Who better to make the latest version than the warped, twisted mind of Tim Burton? Having been produced by Disney Studios, we can expect the royal treatment in terms of scale and publicity. The fact that they’ve released these shots an entire year in advance speaks to the marketing dollars they are throwing behind it. But why not? Tim Burton releases always go to number 1 and become classics in their own right. I remember being young and having “A Nightmare Before Christmas” be a really big deal. Tim Burton is known for his dark, twisted and warped perspective and it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. Of course the set and costume designs will be top notch. It’s also no surprise that Johnny Depp is somehow involved. It’s clear that he and Tim Burton work well together, and enjoy doing so. Peep some of the character shots below. Projected release is March 2010. I think they’re all done filming, but the post production will surely be bananas.

Alice – Mia Wasikowska(a relative new-comer)

Red Queen – Helena Bonham Carter(or Bellatrix for all you Harry Pott-heads.)-

Mad-Hatter – Johnny Depp

The White Queen – yes that’s Anne Hathaway

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Tron Legacy Trailer (2010)

I love movies. I pretty much pass on sitcoms and reality shows and just watch DVDs or whatever is On Demand. I’m one of those guys that goes to see a movie when it comes out and ends up sneaking in to 3 other movies that I wanted to see so I could get my money’s worth. And because I love movies. I especially enjoy a good movie trailer; one that builds up my anticipation to see the finished product. But until today, I had never seen a movie trailer that made me want to rob a bank so I could buy a time machine (I hear Bergdorf has some very stylish ones) and travel through time to the date of the release. Yes. The Tron Legacy trailer is that deep and 2010 cannot get here fast enough.

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Trailer Buzz: The Collector

I just saw the commercial for this movie called “The Collector” and it looks pretty crazy. It’s from the people that made SAW so you can probably expect a cult following to result. I haven’t even heard anything about it until now which is kinda surprising since it’s releasing the week after next. If you’re a horror fan, I think this one is gonna be worth checking out…

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Brooklyn Loves Spike Lee

Brooklyn Loves Spike Lee

Hello Brooklyn!! Greetings to the rest of the world as well but specifically Brooklyn. In case you were not informed, there has been a tribute to Spike Lee going on since June 25th and will go through June 30th which has been named Spike Lee Day! From art galleries to poetry slams, everyone is paying homage to one of the greatest filmmakers to ever do it. You may have missed a few days of the festival already but it’s not over!! Click here for a list of events and be sure to “Do The Right Thing” and attend whatever you can!!

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So… Transformers 2 sucked?!

So… Transformers 2 sucked?!

It’s crazy how many people have already seen the movie seeing as it comes out today. But sadly, I’ve heard very few great things about it. I woke up bombarded with comments like:

“Like watching paint dry while getting hit over the head with a frying pan!” (Bradshaw, Guardian);

“Sums up everything that is most tedious, crass and despicable about modern Hollywood!” (Tookey, Daily Mail);

“A giant, lumbering idiot of a movie!” (Edwards, Daily Mirror).

Both the Associated Press and Roger Ebert review didn’t stray to far from those sentiments either, and that’s really really bad. Although, I’m not sure the first Transformers necessarily got great reviews from critics. It was just a movie that people wanted to see regardless. The franchise definitely hold it’s weight though, and I’m positive no matter how bad it is, it’s gonna rake in the cash. Is anyone going to see it tonight, or this weekend? I slacked on pre-ordering my tix so there’s really no telling when I’ll go. Let me know something, good, bad or indifferent.

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Random Thoughts at 4am

Random Thoughts at 4am

1. Is it me or is Wale doing a good job remaining relevant right about now despite the fact that most of the world is jockin’ Drake?
2. Why is it that there are no young black girls in Hollywood that are REALLY doing their thing. I’m talking 20 somethings, that can legitimately compete with say… a Megan Fox type. In terms of exposure and it-factor nobody’s really coming at “shorty from Transformers”. On top of that… why is it that there’s a double standard for black actresses? As a community we tend to shun the vixen role and consider it “whoring”. Is Megan Fox not somewhat a white Meagan Goode? The sassy, sexy demeanor that tends to brand Megan Fox for the better, garnering tons of exposure and magazine covers, is the same one that makes Megan Goode appear less professional – sometimes lowering her chance to be taken seriously. Howcome?
3. Who wears Jordans? Not the retro’d, packaged, or otherwise re-released ones. The actual NEW ones that keep coming out in Foot Locker? Why?

4. Am I the only one boosted that The Sims 3 is out? LOL
5. Does anybody else feel bad for Ciara and her career, or the lack thereof? And am I alone in being extremely thrown off by that album cover? What was going on in that concept meeting???
6. And while we’re talking about urban ladies in music, is Christina Milian’s next album sure to be a banger now that she’s all chummy with the ‘radio killer’?
7. Do people really always try to pronounce URLS? I mean granted at first, perhaps,… but after you realize it’s NOT a word, why would you harp on it? Despite the big fat, M&N in the header, people insist on saying ‘MANDIMENT‘? LOLOL. It’s alright tho folks, we got ya’ll and will be changing it soon… maybe.

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Transformers 2 – Revenge of the Fallen [movie scene]

Not that many of you need convincing to see the movie anyway…

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