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Guest Blogger: Dana Sheds Some Light On Facet Girl

Guest Blogger: Dana Sheds Some Light On Facet Girl

The impact of the election and inauguration of Barack Obama has been really great on our country. Being our first black president, he is viewed as a role model for everyone, especially young people. And his wife Michelle has been viewed as a role model for young women including her two daughters. If there was one website that she would put her stamp of approval on for them it would be Facet Girl! Founded in 2008 by young entrepreneur Toni Burke, Facet Girl is a place where young women can go to be “cut and polished,” so to speak. With features such as fashion, body & beauty, awareness, and inspiration, this site serves as a resource for its readers to become positive, healthy, well rounded young women. Click the link *here* to check it out for yourself and don’t forget to tell your sisters, your daughters, your friends… everybody!

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Introducing: MAT COLE

Introducing: MAT COLE

What’s goin on people!!?? We told ya’ll. That’s all I can say… We informed you at the launch of this site that we were gonna go hard and bring you extraordinary content in an innovative fashion. We told ya’ll we were gonna introduce you to up and coming young folk who are as upwardly mobile as we are. So that’s what we’re doing. I recently linked up with a good friend of mine, Mat Cole. He’s an extremely talented singer coming out of Chicago who I met here at the Mecca, Howard University. We managed to crank out a smooth photo shoot as well as an interview. Check it out and make sure you visit the site daily or you’ll be digging in the archives looking for all you’ve missed. Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell her friend to tell his mom to tell her daughter and if she’s hot tell her to give the photographer some….No ma really…Give the photographer some…Peace

1. State ya name brotha and tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is MAT COLE and I’m coming straight out of the South Side of Chicago. I’m 19 years old and trying to take over the R & B game to be one of the youngest and best to do it.

2. When and where did your love of music start?
It’s a little difficult to pinpoint but my folks told me I could snap and clap on beat before I could walk so I guess I’ve been on it since single digits man. But it wasn’t until recently, after my first year at Howard University, that I gained the tools to use my love for music and entertainment by creating MAT COLE the artist.

3. They are so many great artists out there today and they all seem to like working with one another. Who r u looking forward to collaborating with because it’s obvious u have a bright future?
I can really see myself making some hits with Yeezy, T-pain, the Neptunes etc…Pretty much all of my influences. I’d like to work with Soulja Boy as well because I think he’s holding it down right now for the young cats in the game.

4. Which artists do you admire most today and why?
I could probably write a book if I had to include all my musical influences. But just to name a few I’d have to say P-Funk, Outkast, The Neptunes/N.E.R.D., R. Kelly and Timbaland. They all possess a unique style of ever-changing music influencing many artists who are topping the charts today. Kanye West and T-pain are definitely satisfying my hunger for creative artists in the industry right now.

5. Artists like Jay-Z and T.I. create music that contains many remnants of the cities they are from which gives listeners a sense of their experiences. How has Chicago and its own culture influenced your persona and your music?
Growing up on the south side of the Chi, I was definitely influenced by the juke culture. I danced and competed with the best dance groups in the Chi, I’m planning on bringing footwork and other Chi-town influenced moves to the industry. If the south can have the world lean and rock wit it, I can make them JUKE.

6. Do u feel that the music industry would appreciate what you’re trying to bring into it and why?
I have observed and been very interested in the music industry for pretty much the last 15 years and I feel like my sound is very much unique but at the same time can gain enough popularity to compete in the Industry. I feel like music has somewhat strayed away from the entertainment aspect.  James Brown, Parliament and the Funkadelics, and George Clinton used to put on shows! MAT COLE is definitely bringing that back. I want to spend as much time on stage as I do in the studio. I can’t really get down with being a studio-only artist.

7. You’re a pretty fashionable cat. Do you feel like fashion trends influence your style and if your style changes will your music change or vice versa?

I feel like fashion has always influenced music and vice versa. It helps give fans a vision that they too can create. Recently the music industry has taken it back to the 80’s with the popular voice synthesizer. Now you see kids in bright colored windbreakers, screen tees, and fat chains. That’s real funky; my goal is to start my own trends as well.

8. I know you must be swamped between work, school AND music. Is music your first priority?
Music is definitely my first priority….. It is the best form of entertainment. It is a lifelong career I’m pursuing. No one-hit wonders here. I want the world to know and love MAT COLE.

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Eleven Magazine!

Eleven Magazine!

I gotta give love to my peeps back at RIT for a moment. Just under a year ago, I was invited into the upper-echelon of students on RIT’s campus. It was the meeting of dynamic minds, talent, spirit, and style that crafted what is now Eleven Magazine – an all around guide for the young man of today. Fashion, dating, and the arts are just the start of the topics covered in well-written, thought out articles tailored for an audience no different than the authors themselves. With content exclusively online for the moment, a printed sample is in the works. Check out the blog at elevenmagazine.wordpress.com and rest assured this is just the beginning for Eleven.

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Narada Wesonga – Ford Model

Narada (pronounced “Norda”) Wesonga is a young, up and coming male model. This kid has everything going for him right now. He is at the beginning of his freshman year at the illustrious Howard University, he just got signed to Ford Modeling Agency, and now Narada is being featured on our website!!! This young man from Chicago, Illinois is going places and will surely pop up on our website ,and more than likely everywhere else, in the near future. Narada recently linked up with me for a photoshoot so I had to post some of the best pics on the site just for you viewers to get a feel for my talent and his. Holla!

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