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Varsity Jacket Season Has Returned!!!

Varsity Jacket Season Has Returned!!!

Varsity’s are my favorite piece of outerwear so I always get a little excited when fall rolls around. Brands start to release them around this time so I’m already getting a look at few pieces I will soon acquire. As always, Rugby has a very dope, high quality and detailed Letterman jacket as well as an innovative reversible satin baseball jacket. They break the bank a bit but I have come to find that varsity jackets, as well as other outerwear, are timeless pieces that you will cling to forever. I know I will!! Supreme dropped their own Letterman, in addition to a collaboration with W-Taps. Those two always produce great work. 10 Deep and Nike came through as well!! So much to choose from. Sigh. Can I get a recession proof Letterman from Ralph Lauren!!!??

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Random Homage: Been Gone For A Minute

Random Homage: Been Gone For A Minute

Hello beautiful people!! I know I know. My posting has been a little inconsistent as of late. But there is a perfectly good reason for it. I’ve been traveling the world with Jay-Z and Beyonce as their personal photographer!!! No not really.I’ve actually just been in NYC introducing myself to new places, people, and things so that I would have plenty of things to blog about. In a nutshell, I took a vacation in my own city. I’ll be taking a few more vacations now that school is over, but I’ll do better with posting. I promise!! AND, as you can see, Matt and I are now on Twitter and we’ll use it to keep you all abreast of our interesting motions when actual posts are not an immediate option. Now on to the good stuff. This list is a bit longer than others because I’ve got so much catching up to do, but I promise you’ll enjoy it!!



1: Lauren London in Complex Magazine. This girl went from New-New to pretty much everywhere. She’s gorgeous and I’m going to take her out for dinner sometime in the near future. Watch me!!!

2: LateBoots is one of the best blogs running right now. They give me my daily dose of gossip, fashion, and its always fun following Sham and Marquis around while they live it up.

3:  Ida Ljungqvist is the 2009 Playboy Playmate of the year. She’s definitely worthy of the award but she made history, being the 50th Playmate of the Year and the first to have been born in Africa!! She’ll be on my arm the day after I take Lauren London out.

4: J.Crew has free shipping for their children’s line, Crewcuts, now through May 31st!!! My beautiful children, Avery and Brook-lynn, will be celebrating their 2nd birthday on May 11th so this promotion couldn’t have come at a better time. If there are any little ones in your life, you know where to shop!!

5: Rick Ross is the man. His beard is perfect, his money is right, and his newest album, Deeper Than Rap is an instant classic. He bounced back like a round ball from his beef with industry bully, 50 Cent. Kudos Ross.

6: Sea is one of my favorite restaurants in Brooklyn. They now have a location in the Meat Packing District of Manhattan! I went for brunch the other day. Gotta love that Siamese fried rice.

7: Graphic tee-shirts are going to be a large part of my wardrobe this summer. I’ve already acquired a few from Brooklyn Circus but it’s only right that I explore other brands as well. I’ve got my eye on this 10 Deep tee with a graphic of Karl Lagerfeld on it!!

8: Converse Japan is so consistent with their footwear, it’s beginning to hurt my heart. Why does Japan get all the cool patterns and materials? Converse USA does well, but Japan is winning right now. Sigh. Guess I’ll see you all when I return from Japan.

9: It’s swimsuit time for V Magazine. And they blessed us all with more than one issue for the month. 6 issues with a different beautiful woman on each cover!!!  It’s a recession but I’ve gotta have em all!!!

10: The second colorway of Nike Air Yeezy’s was released last Saturday. I haven’t gotten my hands on any pairs but these are too smooth for me to not say anything at all about them. Ye!! Wassup with my pair man?!! You’re gonna come running when the Air Nicky’s drop!!

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Now…Who’s Hot, Who’s Not

Now…Who’s Hot, Who’s Not

Ok so it’s pretty much winter now. I can see my breath when i exhale and I’ve gotta keep my hands in my pockets so that’s how i gauge it. This week is somewhat of an exception though because it was surely 60 degrees outside earlier. But things will be going back to normal over the next few days. So when it gets cold on these streets, your street wear needs to be just as cold!! It can’t always be Ralph Lauren and J.Crew. Sometimes you have to get a lil raw. Let the facial hair grow out, throw on a fitted, a hoody, and some sick jeans and sneakers and show off your versatility. With that said, I figured I’d fill you guys in on a few of the street wear brands that are getting busy for the Fall/Winter of 2008. As usual, the San Francisco based brand, Huf, has been dropping great fitteds made from premium materials and dope jackets to keep you feeling warm and lookin’ fresh. You can take a sneak peek at some of their pieces here. The North Face has also been teaming up with brands like Swagger and Supreme to create some very smooth outerwear pieces that are high in both functionality and freshness. View the Swagger pieces here and the Supreme pieces here. It doesn’t end there though! One of my favorite brands, Crooks & Castles has also come out with a new lineup for the end of ‘08 transitioning over into the new year. They have some of the illest logos i’ve seen and they always come correct with varsity jackets and fitted caps. Their holiday lookbook is very smooth so check it out. Don’t sleep on other brands like Vans, 10 Deep, Bape, and Puma (Happy 60th anniversary Puma!!!). They are all doing big things as well. Be sure to pick up a few subtle pieces from the brand(s) of your choice and break a few necks while you stomp through these cold streets. Check out the collage I’ve compiled with pics from the various brands. Time for me to go watch The Dark Knight which is on DVD now so go pick that up!!!

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