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J.Crew ‘Mens Shop’ opens tomorrow!

J.Crew ‘Mens Shop’ opens tomorrow!

The Mens Shop, a brand new J.Crew store is opening tomorrow at 484 Broadway @ Broome St. If you’ve ever visited (which you really should have) The Liquor Store in Tribeca, expect the same wooden floor, vintage feel. However, the new Mens Shop boasts a Suiting Parlour for all your custom tailered needs. Big shouts to the homie Courtney for putting us on to this, he’s been hard at work behind the scenes setting up the store for the past few weeks. If you can’t check out the opening tomorrow, pay a visit sometime this week or definitely during the weekend.

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Spring Cometh: Male Must Haves

Spring Cometh: Male Must Haves

Technically, the Spring season is already among us although the weather seems to be doing its own thing. In my opinion, it’s not really here until the days are 70 degrees and the evenings are in the mid 50’s. I call it “get fresh weather”. A great spring day brings a certain mood for me. I feel like the world is my oyster and I could walk 100 blocks on a whim. With all that said, there are a few things that I feel a man should equip himself with in preparation for the Spring. And it’s not all about fashion either. Sometimes it’s about function as well.

A nice hat is essential on those days you don’t feel like really grooming yourself or if it just really compliments your outfit. Make sure you have a decent selection ranging from fitted caps to fedoras. Driving caps are my personal favorites because they can be dressed up or down and they come in so many patterns. Check out J.Crew, Urban Outfitters, and Major DC for some smooth Spring headgear.

Cool glasses are not a fad. They have been around forever and are not going anywhere folks. People seem to underestimate the effect a good pair of frames can have on their outfit, whether it be shades to block the rays or just clear lenses for style. Brands like Dita, Super, and Ralph Lauren are continuously releasing stylish eye wear so open your eyes and find some!! For a more vintage look and a large selection, check out Fabulous Fanny’s of NYC.

A layering piece is a must for the cooler days of Spring when you can’t get away with just wearing a tee shirt. Crew neck sweatshirts and varsity jackets will be in constant rotation for my wardrobe this season. There is so much you can do with them and a key to successful shopping is versatility. Brooklyn Circus, King Stampede, A.P.C. and other brands have managed to produce either cool crew necks, varsity jackets or both in to their Spring 2009 line for men.

Chino’s and broken in light colored denim is the way to go to stand out and be comfortable this Spring. Hard denim is usually what I wear for a large portion of the year. But the Spring weather calls for something lighter and softer. . Visit J.Crew or Rugby for a great selection of chinos and denim.

Classic footwear is the way to go on a sunny Spring day guys. This brings me to another one of my tips for successful shopping. Buy things that have been around long enough to never go out of style, or at least something you love enough to keep forever. That’s what I try to keep in mind when searching for footwear. Adidas Rod Lavers, Converse Jack Purcell’s, and Puma Clyde’s are perfect examples of classic sneakers. They can be worn with pretty much anything and they still look good when they are worn in!

One last thing gentlemen: don’t forget your bag. Where are you going to put your jacket when it’s too warm to wear, or your laptop so you can update your blog on the go, or your camera when you’re done shooting? Get yourself a bag with a bunch of compartments but make sure it’s not too bulky. You don’t want to look like you’re on a camping trip. Check out Manhattan Portage, Incase, and The North Face for some fly, functional bags.

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J.Crew Spring 2009 Is Here!!!

J.Crew Spring 2009 Is Here!!!

It’s no secret that I am a huge J.Crew advocate. I have been employed by them so some of my friends say that I’m just biased bla bla bla. It’s not true I tell you!!! It’s not!! I just honestly appreciate the craftsmanship of a brand that caters to all ages and both the middle and upper economic classes. They always stick to what they do best in terms of materials, patterns, and fits but they always manage to keep up with the times. The J.Crew men’s/women’s line for Spring ‘09 is a prime example of this. For the men, there a plenty of shorts and crisp, lightweight button down shirts that can be a versatile addition to a mans wardrobe. There are also a few new dope pieces of outerwear and some great collaborations with Sperry Top-Sider. Now on to the ladies. I can only describe the women’s line in one word: SEXY!! I always get a little jealous when new J.Crew pieces are released because the selection for females is so much larger than that of the men’s. But it’s all good. This Spring, I suggest that all you ladies get yourself a few J.Crew dresses because they are so on point. They’ve got something for everyone so don’t be afraid of the fits. Get yourself a pair of sandals, a cardigan, and possibly some Selima J.Crew shades and a bag to top it off. You’ve gotta love a brand that can keep your closet up to par all year long in all aspects. J.Crew is it! Anybody that wants to get me a Valentine’s day gift, you know where to look!

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Obama X J.Crew

Obama X J.Crew

Apparently, the First Family is also the Fresh Family. While the Obama’s are a captivating and interesting family, sometimes my shallow side kicks in and I start to mentally scan their outfits during appearances. I must say, this family of four get pretty dapper and glamorous. J.Crew seems to be a brand of choice for the entire family. Michelle Obama wore an entire J.Crew fit a few months back and women were going crazy calling stores trying to find the exact items she wore. During President Obama’s inauguration, his two beautiful daughters Sasha n Malia sported the childrens line of J.Crew, Crew Cuts. But dont bother looking for these pieces because they were 100% custom; from the fabric to the cuts. Check out a photo of our great new first family! Congrats Mr. President!!!


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Random Homage Pt.1

Random Homage Pt.1

With a new year comes changes and new ideas. M&N Eminent is a fairly new website so naturally we are keeping things fresh but we are all about daily improvement. One of these new improvements will be a weekly and possibly even daily segment on the website titled “Random Homage” or “R.H. list”. This will consist of just a few things that either Matt or myself came across recently that we enjoyed and thought we’d share with you all. The content will range from old music to new sneakers so be prepared for anything. Consider it to be a sort of favorites list. You can also email us your R.H. list and we will gladly post it along with your name and a photo. We actually INSIST that you do send us stuff because we are driven by your love and energy so keep it comin’ ya’ll!!

Today’s Random Homage:

1.Vans Spring 2009 “Letterman” Half Cab: You all know how I looooveee Varsity jackets and sneakers. Finally Vans has mixed the two together to create these dope Half Cabs. Click the link I provided to check out the detail on these babies and look out for their release.

2.The Minority Report: As a Brooklyn boy, I’m somewhat out of my element down in D.C. So naturally, I look for things that keep me informed on what’s going on back in the home of Biggie and Jay. The Minority Report surely keeps me abreast of mine at all times. I know what parties are going down, what vintage shops to go to and where to have Sunday brunch before I hop back on the bus to D.C. Make sure you check it out. Al wassup man!!?? Where’s my shoutout!?

3.HTC Touch Pro (Sprint!!): I’m not much of a gadget freak but certain electronic gizmos just grab me and I do enjoy a good phone. This phone is looking pretty smooth especially since I’ve been looking to upgrade. Hmm maybe I can post on the website from this phone. I’ll go test it out and let ya’ll know.

4.Can’t Tell Me Nothing Remix Kanye ft. Weezy, Busta, and Jeezy: “Yea homie this the theme song. First I get my money right, then i get team on. If I always prayed to have gleam on, $300 jeans on..Do that mean I dream wrong?” Story of my life.

5.Selima X J.Crew Sunglasses: I’ve been looking for a smooth pair of shades and I think I may have found em. May actually break my rule and wear these joints in the club and at night!!

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Being a man is about strength, independence, and responsibility. It’s about knowing how, when, and why to do the right thing, But every once in a while, a man needs a little assistance and a few pointers. If you aren’t clear on what should be common knowledge for you, have no fear. That’s why Max Blagg wrote What A Man Should Know: vol . It was written for J. Crew and it’s their debut men’s guide so when I saw it at their Prince St. location in NYC I had to pick it up. It has 50 things in it that today’s man should know so pick it up fellas. Ladies, this makes a great Christmas gift for that man in your life that you’re trying so hard to mold. You can purchase in stores or here but until you pick it up, I’ll share some of it with you every once in a while.

#24: A Man Should Know How To Tie A Neck Tie

“The tie is a useful accoutrement in helping to conceal too convex a body shape. It hides missing shirt buttons, too. According to a scientific study, there are 85 ways to tie a necktie, but one only needs to know those few that demonstrate symmetry and balance, like the Windsor or the classic four-in-hand.”

Here’s a video on how to tie a Windsor knot.

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