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Random Homage #7 – Kid Cudi, Boxerbriefs, and the cure for Razorbumps.

Random Homage #7 – Kid Cudi, Boxerbriefs, and the cure for Razorbumps.

Kid Cudi and his blog

I have alot of respect for Kid Cudi. I feel like he’s in a great place right now and have all the right people invested in his success. I peeped his blog earlier today and I’m feeling it. I’m super late with this given the fact that he’s been posting for about a year now, but I especially dig the realness of what he writes. He’s human, and that comes across in his posts, and through what he does. He had a fan BBQ this past summer where heads got to just kick back on some chill shit and talk and eat. That’s wassup!

Ryan Leslie

I threw Ryan Leslie on here for some of the same reasons I put Kid Cudi. Music I can dig, and accessibility. Ryan is another dude that comes across really well as a human being and not as this untouchable rock-star of sorts. He’s really been able to use his site, and connecting with people(be it facebook or even through text message) to reach audiences. As a matter of fact he’ll be performing at SOB’s in the city next Wednesday and Thursday which I was actually going to give a separate post on but it’s already sold out. lol

Acqua Di Gio

I remember getting this as a gift senior year in High School and I haven’t stopped purchasing it since. It’s just an all around great smell that’s instantly recognizable after all these years. I attribute it’s success to it’s overall balance. It just smells great. Simple. Plus, although it’s on the lighter side and works well during the spring/summer months, it’s not too faint to hold up in the winter. Even tho I fux with a lot of fragrances this is one of the few that I always keep on auto-refill.

2xist Boxer Briefs

Real talk… these will hands down be one of the most comfortable pair of boxerbriefs you will ever wear in your life. The cotton and waist band is super soft and so is the elastic in the thigh. They fit normal with a built in pouch in the front for a place for everything to go as you walk, sit and run. You’ll never have to readjust again. At $20 bucks for one pair, they surely ain’t cheap, but grab one or two and you won’t be disappointed.

Min-2 Solution

Lately I’ve been rocking the light shadow on the face and it kinda works me, I think, lol. When shaving, there’s nothing worse than razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Fat shouts to my old beautician that used to tighten up my locks for this one… she put me onto this solution about 2 years ago and I must admit it does the trick. I never get bumps or break out after shaving anymore. It comes in a refillable roller bottle so it’s quick and easy and there’s no need for cotton balls(thank God). It has a little sting to it, (which I don’t mind, to me that means its working) and has a strong rubbing alcohol smell which may bother you. But it definitely works and is really easy to incorporate into your shave routine.

You can cop some here from Amazon or Mankind – European Style and Grooming Site

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Random Homage #6: After Work Spots

Random Homage #6: After Work Spots

The only thing better than a few good drinks and appetizers with some close friends after work is doing it all for dirt cheap. Here are just a FEW places I’ve hit up and enjoyed most recently, scattered throughout the city.

Latitude – If you work in Midtown you’ve probably already been to or at least heard of Latitude. Its a nice size 3 floor spot with a lively atmosphere. Located right on 8th between 47th and 48th, you get a mix of people who work in the area as well as some spillovers that may be coming from Times Square. It was always jam packed when I hit it up. Happy hour is half-priced drinks. Mondays till 9, Tues. and Wed. till 7, Thurs. and Fri. till 8.

218 – I walked past this spot so many times and never went inside until last week. It’s right in SOHO , 218 Lafayette, down the block from Clientele, on the same side of the street as G-star. It’s never usually super crowded so if you want a nice simple spot that can easily skew toward a more intimate mid-week rendezvous with that special someone — hit this place up. The happy hour ends at 8 and includes $4 dollar Martini’s, beers and well drinks.  I was done off on a Tuesday and spent less than $20.  $4 dollar food items like Mozz Sticks and wings as well. Try the spring rolls. Can’t beat it.

Mullanes – This place was cool. If you’re ever in Fort Greene(Lafayette and s. Portland to be exact), or are close to it, this is worth checking out. Sort of a half pub/sports bar, half lounge hybrid, the food is filling and the drinks are good. It’s another spot that you could easily sleep on if you don’t pay attention.

When in doubt!:

BBQ’s – I mean honestly… can you really go wrong with an order of wings, and a texas side margarita with the extra shot?! Come oooooon!

HELP ME ADD TO THIS LIST! Get at me with spots that you think are worth hitting up. The more bang for the buck, the better. This is a recession, lol.

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Random Homage #5: Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Random Homage #5: Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!! Yup. The holiday of love is upon us yet again. I hope you are with someone you love today, even if it’s a family member. I’ve got a date with my beautiful daughter but I’m pretty sure she can’t eat a whole box of chocolate yet. She’ll still get my love though. But enough with the mushy stuff. Let me put you folks on to a few things I’ve been loving recently.

1: Drake. This kid can seriously flow. And he can sing!! It’s not every day that you get a good rapper and good singer in one package (sorry Kanye). If you haven’t heard this kid do his thing I’ll hook you up with 3 links to my Drake favorites. So check out “Say Whats Real“, “Unstoppable remix“, and “Little Bit“. He’s a monster.

2: I’ve laid off of buying Nike sneakers because the exclusivity of dope sneakers has rapidly plunged over the years. And that’s not just Nike. But lately I just buy boots and shoes with the occasional pair kix. The Black History Month Air Force 1’s are about to cause me to relapse!! The premium leather, detail, and overall craftsmanship makes these the first pair of sneakers that make me proud to be African-American!

3: The Louis Vuitton website has a great Valentines Day layout. With this recession, their merchandise doesn’t really make for practical gifts. But you can always go Windows shopping!

4: Most guys love Danity Kane. And it’s not because of their vocals. So I’m wondering how many men picked up this months Playboy magazine with Aubrey on the cover. I also wonder how Diddy feels about this. I know I’m happy!!

5: It’s NBA All Star Weekend Ladies and Gentlemen (if you can get her to stay in the house with you for V-Day, tune in!!). I’ve been watching All Star games since back when Jordan could still fly. The greatest commercial EVER was debuted a few years ago during All Star Weekend; the Nike Basketball commercial. Yea you know the one i’m talking about. If not, check it out here!!!

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Random Homage#4: Just My Thoughts

Random Homage#4: Just My Thoughts

1: So the first thing on my newest Random Homage list is somewhat of a two-in-one. It’s the transcript for Barack Obama’s inaugural address via Broccoli City, a great blog i’ve recently come across. They cover a wide array of subjects and the site is just overall fresh. Anyway… By now, I’m assuming everyone of you has heard the speech but you can check it out here and analyze the powerful and genuine words of our President.

2: Okay okay. So the second order of business is also somewhat of a daily double as well. The Brooklyn Circus has become…Well…A Brooklyn staple. It’s become much more than just a shop. It is a brand that the fashion forward Brooklynite can embrace and incorporate easily into their wardrobe. There is a particular piece i’ve got my eye on and that’s the new shawl collar sweater. The detail on it is amazing so go pick this piece up asap in hopes that I havent already freaked it and made it impossible for you to get like me. Just kidding. Sorta.

3: The Sartorialist. The blog of an always traveling, highly fashionable family man with an eye for detail and incredible photography. Need I say more? Sounds like the story of my life within the next two years.

4: If you love high quality footwear that will have you “outchea” as my homies from Chi-Town would say, then you’ve got to appreciate Common Projects. This brand has proven to be nothing short of spectacular and their Spring/Summer 2009 continues their streak. Check it out here.

5: I love Brooklyn. As does Mos Def. Whenever I miss home a little to much, THIS is what I tune into on my ipod.

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Random Homage #3: Anonymous Guest

Random Homage #3: Anonymous Guest

I told ya’ll that we would post guest bloggers when they send us content didn’t I? Well we have our first guest Random Homage post and it’s from a good friend of mine although they want to be kept anonymous. Until they have their own interview and photo shoot that is. People always want to shine!! Check it out

1. Marc Jacobs Spring 2009 RTW: Mary Poppins+ The King and I + YSL’s Ballets Russes x Marc Jacobs= My soul on a runway. If I could dress like this every day for the rest of my life, I soooo would!

2. Slumdog Millionaire: A timeless love story laced with some “ashy to classy” gangster sh*t and game show kitsch… A modern classic.  If you haven’t seen it, you’re wrong and you should rectify that situation immediately.  Rupees over Groupies (as my boo and I would say).

3. Betty Davis: One of the most slept on wonder women of our parents’ time; she rightfully bears the tattoo “This Ass Invented Fusion”.  She was only married to Miles Davis (hence the last name) for one year, but in that time had such a powerful impact on him that it changed the face of modern music.  She was the one who introduced her legendary hubby to the music of Jimi Hendrix and Sly Stone (among others) which produced the revolutionary album “Bitches Brew” and thus, jazz fusion was born.  So, (in case you didn’t) now you know… and knowledge is power.

4.”Cosby” sweaters: OK maybe not the actual sweaters by Bill Cosby, but you know those sweaters that look like something he would have worn on the show back in the day.  These are my weapon of choice when it comes to staying warm through these harsh winter months while still remaining true to my own unique sense of style.  With so many color and pattern combinations, the look’s possibilities are endless. It boggles the mind…

5. “Bandy Bandy” by Zap Mama featuring Erykah Badu:  I know, I know… this song came out, like, 5 or 6 years ago but it still gets me every time.  Maybe it’s the world music lover in me, but the melody is heavenly and their voices complement one another so well; this one always puts me in a good mood when I hear it. “Shine… ’til you feel your soul awake”. Will do, ladies… will do.

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Random Homage #2

Random Homage #2

Pomegranate 7-Up, Go-Sushi, Levi’s 505, Parlour Magazine and Theophilis London…

Read the rest after the jump…

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